Proud husband, father, and defense industrial base worker living with cerebral palsy in Canyon, Texas. I genuinely love the work I do to support those who defend our country.

What do I wish people knew about cerebral palsy?  People with CP often get tired before others due to the amount of energy we expend doing things that might be simple for others. Please be patient with us. People with CP may be limited on what they can do physically, but can complete higher education, hold jobs, raise families and be productive members of society.  Give us a chance — we’ll get there and we all have something to offer our communities.

What kind of cerebral palsy do I have and when was I diagnosed? I have hemiplegia (left side). Doctors suspected that “something was wrong” at 18-months of age, and I was officially diagnosed at age 6.

What are my hobbies? Reading, movies, and spending time with family.

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