Shadow and Noel

I’m a mom of a cerebral palsy warrior and I’m also a CNA 💚

My name is Shadow and I’m sharing my son’s story.

My son’s name is Noel. He’s four-years-old and he’s got cerebral palsy that affects his left side. Mentally, he’s his age. He understands a lot and can say some words, but he can’t have a full-on conversation.

He’s a fun-loving, smart, handsome boy. His smile and laughter are contagious. No matter what he’s doing, he never gives up — and he pushes himself to do a lot. He loves to play Sonic, the avengers, and dinosaurs. He loves to swing, swim, and just use his imagination.

He’s the best big brother to his sister, and he protects her just as much as she protects him. He recently played soccer for the VIP team I started for him and his friends. I want my son to know that regardless of him being able to do daily things, as long as he tries, that’s all that matters. He’s the biggest momma’s boy ever 💚

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