Mum of 3, author, speaker, blogger and intuitive empowerment coach. I love taking my biggest obstacles and turning them into opportunities to grow and learn as well as support others

Sarah is a magic seeker. She is better known to many as Wheelie Momma. Sarah has cerebral palsy since birth which means she uses a wheelchair, something which she actively fought against most of childhood and teenage years. This steely determination served her well and saw her graduate from university, pass her driving test, buy a house, do 2 skydives, travel, get married and have 3 amazing children

During her first pregnancy, she discovered bio energy healing and meditation to help deal with chronic pregnancy sickness. This was the turning point when Sarah realised her body and mind’s true power and ability to heal itself. She also realised that while we can’t always consciously control what happens in life, we always have the gift of being able to choose how we react to it.

Sarah has since cured herself of a debilitating back condition and fully embraced her “Wheelie Momma” self to encourage others to reach for the stars regardless of any perceived limitations through her empowerment coaching programme “Mastery in Motion”

She’s now a sought after motivational speaker and a published author with her first children’s book “My Mum’s A Superhero” while also working on her autobiography

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