Hi, I'm Royce.

Hey there. I’m Royce. I have I cerebral palsy athetoid since birth and also had jaundice but the doctors were very late in diagnosing it , but was diagnosed at 6 months. Since then till now, I have been a fighter against all odds.  Also done a lot of speech therapy And physiotherapy.

According to my mother cerebral palsy was a tough journey but she never gave up on all the therapy nd brought me to what I am. First I was put in a special school then shifted to a normal regular school and then College nd I have completed my graduation has well.

I would love people to know about cp is that when you feel everything is getting better it comes and hits u back has hard has possible but u also have to fight back harder has possible. Also at the same time, we want people to treat us like it never happened to us. My hobbies are watching Netflix, cooking food and going to the gym.

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