Hi, my name is Pedro. I'm a 28-year-old wheelchair user with spastic diplegia CP who loves music and singing. When I was born at 24 weeks, I was given little chance of survival.

The doctors asked my mom if she wanted to terminate her pregnancy, but she refused, regardless of all the disabilities I would be born with. My mom responded to the doctors you do your job, and the Lord will do His, and I weighed 2 lbs. and was just 13 inches long. Along with using a wheelchair, I’m blind in my left eye and colorblind in both eyes. I depend on my mother for all my self-care.

I made two Christian CDs with my own original words, and I love to worship the Lord. You can hear one of my CDs on Band Camp under my full name Pedro Gonzalez.  The title of my album is “Unstoppable” and  I hope you can take some time to listen to it and be blessed by it.

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