I’m Paige — I’m a London based disabled (and queer) actor. I have diplegic cerebral palsy (born 3 months early), and whilst I don’t require any walking aids, I still struggle daily. I’m a huge advocate for portraying accurate disability representation within the media — especially for audiences of younger children. I’m also a pretty big disability advocate in general, and like to educate/remind people that disabilities are not always incredibly visible, but it doesn’t mean the person doesn’t have one or isn’t having difficulties.

Actor born and bred in London, UK. Came into the world much earlier than I was supposed to.  I was diagnosed with Diplegia Cerebral Palsy as a toddler. CP is a SPECTRUM and not everyone who has it will experience same difficulties.

Passionate about accurate representation of CP particularly within film/TV. Especially important for younger audiences watching to learn that yes, we are built different, but are still human. Parents, ask kids questions about what they have seen on screen, be open with them and learn about disability.

It is one of my goals to one day portray a character with Cerebral Palsy within my line of work, to (I hope) in part represent within a creative, storytelling medium what it’s like for SOME people to have CP. But know that your personal goals (disability or not) are entirely attainable and you dream of achieving them for a reason. Just know that you can and will. As a child who struggled to find her feet (quite literally!), I allowed my own perception of me with a disability to hinder me from seeing my full potential. Never will I do that again.

(Thanks CPARF!)

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