"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." — Helen Keller

Cerebral palsy is definitely not one shoe fits all! The different abilities of each person depend on many variables. I was born not premature but actually one week late and a birth weight of almost 8 lbs., I was blue like a Smurf! (I found out later that I had an in utero stroke.)

My mom said that I “told” her and my dad well before the pediatrician saw anything. I rolled not crawled at first and would take my right hand and hit it on the table of my walker! Finally at 18 months, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, specifically a hemiplegic!

I participated growing up in able-bodied and disabled sporting events! A diagnosis of CP does not mean that life is over. One may need to worker a little harder and find the adaption that is necessary, but anything is possible! I drive and even have played golf! If anyone questions my ability to accomplish something, I say watch me! I love to travel and can not wait to check the next place off my bucket list!

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