Hello, I'm Morgan. I live in Upstate NY, and I love to talk and I love people. Just under a year ago, I transformed my life to create a new persona: YourHotDisabledBestie. It's a Dear Abby of sorts for anyone from friends to strangers to come together to learn about my life as a young, hot disabled woman and ask questions without fear that I'd be offended.

I was diagnosed at two years old with Periventricular Leukomalacia. PVL means the ventricles that send messages to my legs basically died and aren’t there to transmit information. I have fine motor challenges and cortico-visual deficits. I have spastic diplegia.

I wish people knew that CP doesn’t mean you have a bad life. It’s just different. It is also 100% normal to grieve those losses as they come up in life. You will be okay. The opportunity you bring to the world is worth it. CP just will lead you to your gifts and talents sooner than others. You get the opportunity to love people where they are, in hopes that it helps humanity grow to be a more loving and understanding world.

Be the catalyst for growth. Yes, people can see your differences but throughout life you will know it leads to people growing and changing. – xo YourHotDisabledBestie

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