My name is Morgan and I’m from Columbus, Georgia. I have spastic diplegic cerebral palsy (GMFCS II). My hobbies include reading, swimming, traveling, and watching YouTube.

Due to my mother having a placental abruption, I was delivered via C-section at 31 weeks. At 18 months, I was diagnosed with CP.

I’m a dog lover, and have three Golden Retrievers at home. I’m a rising Sophomore majoring in Communications Studies at Young Harris College, and I love the freedom college brings. I’m also an avid foodie and love receiving restaurant recommendations.

I wish people knew CP is a group of disorders — it isn’t one thing. Individuals diagnosed have difficulties with balance, coordination, and posture due to brain injury early in life. However, the degree of gross motor impairment varies widely from person to person. Type and degree of comorbidities also vary. CP is different for everyone.

One of my biggest challenges is visual spatial Reasoning and visual memory. Due to this challenge, people often assume that I have little to no intelligence. Despite my learning disability, I excel in some areas like language. Cognition isn’t an all or nothing proposition. I want to remind people to be kind to everyone.

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