I was born three months premature in the 29th week. I have hydrocephalus and mild spastic cerebral palsy, and I was featured on my local news because I defied the odds of my doctors telling my parents I’d never walk or talk.

I have graduated from college, and I am a professional clarinetist and singer today. I work full time as well, as a data entry clerk. I owe everything to the Lord Jesus Christ for sustaining me, even though I’ve had to have four brain shunt replacements, with the final one lasting since I was four years old, and nine corrective eye surgeries from birth to 14 years old. The Lord has been awesome to me.

I love the Lord, my great sense of humor, and the fact that I can still play clarinet and sing, even with mild spastic cerebral palsy affecting the entire left side of my body. I am a foodie as well, and eat a mostly pescatarian diet. I’m proudly Texan.

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