My name is MaryLiz Hall I was born with Right Hemiplegia/Hemiparesis and the youngest out of six children. I am now 50 years old.

I was born with right hemiplegia cerebral palsy. Probably due from RH blood exchange, they think back then. I am an optimistic person that works very hard. And I don’t give up that easy. One doctor told my parents that I would never walk!! I am glad my parents didn’t listen. After that appointment my Mom took me to PT everyday. And by two and a half, at my brother’s communion party, with everyone there, I started to walk. I have been walking ever since!

I was mainstreamed in a parochial school and played sports with other kids. Soccer was my favorite (I had a strong left foot). I played basketball one handed, eventually on the JV high school team. I have skied and now have taken up golf playing with one arm.  I also enjoy swimming and travel. I hold a B.A. from Curry College. I wish people would see cerebral palsy in a different light. That we are intelligent and accomplished.

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