I’m Lacey and I work for Walt Disney World and have been living in Florida for seven years. I love to color, hang out with my friends, and spend time with my Old English Bulldog.

I was diagnosed with spastic diplegia CP at 18 months old when I was not developing on time.  It wasn’t until I got older that I took my disability not as a flaw but as a reason to change the world. I moved to Florida when I was 24 and started working for Disney World and have been ever since.

I started CrossFit in 2018 when I was desperate for relief from my chronic pain and stiff muscles and it changed my life. I can lift up to 90 pounds with a barbell, do a full push-up and sit-up and run. I trained for a little under a year to run a 5K in under an hour without falling and I accomplished that goal. I wish people knew that despite my differences I’m capable of just about anything.

I’ve used my disability as a reason to advocate for the CP community as much as possible and I will continue to do so until we all get the acceptance we deserve!

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