My name is Juan Manuel. I am Colombian, I am 26 years old and I am a biomedical engineer. I have spastic cerebral palsy from birth and I have an independent life, although spasticity often makes its presence in my life and limits my daily activities.

Since I was very young, I understood that this neurological condition is very difficult to diagnose in a clinical setting. This led me to work in biomedical engineering to contribute and create technological mechanisms that can support the clinical processes of people with spastic cerebral palsy.

I was born with the condition due to perinatal hypoxia, and I have lived a long and difficult rehabilitation process.

My experience with the cerebral palsy has motivated me to pursue a researching in science. Particularly, my passion is create new technologies to improve the diagnosis and treatment of spasticity, a common condition associated with cerebral palsy.

I developed a new system called “Samuel” that uses ultrasonic elastography to measure muscle stiffness. This system is non-invasive and can provide more accurate measurements of spasticity than traditional methods.

This work has been well-received by experts in the field, and I am the first person with cerebral palsy in Colombia to have a national and PCT patent application. I hope to continue my research and development to make a positive impact on the lives of people with cerebral palsy.

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