I am Jennifer and I have cerebral palsy. But I am so many things other than just my disability: daughter, girlfriend, niece, cousin, aunt, friend, sister, co-worker, and more. I played piano and softball when I was younger. I have a college degree. I have never let CP stop me from doing anything. It is a part of me but it isn’t all that I am.

I was diagnosed with CP between the ages of 1-2. I had stopped breathing for a short time after I was born due to fluid in my lung. I have spastic hemiplegia on my right side effecting my right arm and leg but my CP is so mild that you really can’t tell I have it unless you see me walk or try to do something with my right hand.

I love cooking, baking, watching sports, spending time with family and my boyfriend, and gardening.

I wish people knew more about CP in general. For it being so common it is not as well known as other disabilities.

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