Elizabeth is a college grad, world traveler, published author, home owner, cat mom, and a frequenter of mosh pits at concerts.

If I traveled back in time and told my 13 year old self all of the things I’ve accomplished up to today, I think baby me would laugh in my own face. Growing up I never saw anyone like me in the media unless it was shown as either inspiration or pity. I had no idea that someone who cannot stand independently could go away to college and live in the dorms, graduate with honors, study abroad for 5 months, have their own office and full time job, own a home on their own, have meaningful romantic relationships, and live a life where they are proud to be disabled. But I am here today having accomplished all of these and I want other kids and teens to know that things look up and life can be great if you keep going. If you never doubt yourself, it won’t matter how many other people do.

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