Chelsea loves traveling, blogging, advocating, going to the beach, and going to concerts.

Some her other favorite pastimes include riding her tricycle, going on walks, drinking red wine, spending time with family and friends, and much more! She is a South Florida-based disability and inclusivity influencer and advocate. Chelsea utilizes her social media platforms and website to share her firsthand story of living with cerebral palsy. Her content is comprised of educational, fun, and lighthearted posts that inspire acceptance and awareness for those with disabilities, differences, and beyond. Chelsea gives her followers an inside look at how she navigates daily activities, while also showcasing how she lives a normal life despite her disability. She’s certainly no stranger to adventure and strives to live her life to the fullest. She’s passionate about being a positive light in the world. Chelsea earned her bachelor’s degree in communication from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2015 and currently leads a career in public relations.

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