Ashton T

I love watching sports, reading, and playing chess. I am also a Boy Scout volunteer.

I was born 12 weeks early at Duke University Medical Center in 1956. Since my lungs were not fully developed, I had a full-time nurse that would slap me on my back when I stopped breathing.

Because of these short periods of time when I stopped breathing, the resulting damage to my brain is why I have had cerebral palsy all my life. I first learned to walk when I was four. I was probably one of the first mainstreamed elementary and high school students in my area.

I am a third generation Eagle Scout. I went on to college and graduate school in several different fields. I have worked in the chemical industry; I taught high school science and then I later taught general chemistry I & II at the community college level for a total of over 35 years. Now I am retired from teaching.

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