Hi, my name is Ash! I am a social worker by education, a blogger and advocate by necessity, and a hopeful that the world will one day become accessible and inclusive for all. Growing up I did not see enough representation in the media, someone who shared their story openly, nor did I feel like I belong. So, I use my voice and platform to: educate, connect, and validate the experiences of others- because everyone should feel as though they matter and have a place in this world.

I am a young woman living with cerebral palsy – spastic diplegia, but I want the world to know that I am a human and share more commonalities than I do differences.

I experience love, happiness, heartbreak, and more than anything I am fighting to find my place in the world- all while learning who I am. I think too many people look at Persons With Disabilities and automatically see differences; and if they feel as though they cannot relate with or understand us, how could we possibly expect them to be our allies in a world that needs changing?

I was diagnosed with CP early on in childhood, but I am so grateful I lived as typical of a childhood as possible- despite the surgeries, hospital visits, and pain. I have always been an avid reader and writer. There was something about being transported into another world that comforted me. Now as an adult, I am trying to do my part to create a kinder, more accepting world so that I do not seek comfort in lands far away in my novels.

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