I am a sophomore at Valparaiso University in nursing school, and I aspire to be a nurse in the clinic setting or school. I am half Pakistani and half Irish, and I am excited to share my story of CP!

I’m  a 22 year old with left hemiplegic cerebral palsy. After college I would love to pursue research in the realm of CP and hope to help others like me.

I was born 3 months premature. I have received tons of PT/OT and surgeries over the years. I wish people knew CP can be invisible. I am blessed to be high-functioning, but face challenges with my coordination daily — from dropping things, not being able to drive, or not having the best stamina because I limp when I am tired. I also struggle with ADHD and anxiety.

I have always struggled fitting in and finding people like me because I couldn’t participate in sports and other activities as well as the other kids could.

Disabilities are a spectrum and no two people or disabilities are the same!  I am thankful to all the healthcare professionals who took care of me! I hope sharing my story helps me find others like me!

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